Sunday, November 20, 2016

Turkish Grounding Exercise (QiGong)

We are presenting the QiGong exercise, helping to achieve the proper grounding, relaxation, and preparation for more advanced exercises, or for meditation.

1.                   Pelvic Tilts - Stand with feet hip distance apart and bend knees slightly. Place your hands on your hips. Pivot hips back and forth in a rocking motion. Continue to pivot hips for one minute or to a count of 100.

2.                   Three Breaths - Breath # 1 - Take a deep breath in as if pulling in energy from the sky. Inhale pulling the energy in as far as your abdomen and then exhale your breath down your legs and into the earth (visualize this and connect your breath to the motion).
Breath # 2 - Inhale and visualize energy coming from the sky, through the top of head and all the way down through your body and into the earth. Exhale and see energy rise out of earth, through your body and up into sky. Breath # 3 - A repeat of breath # 2.

3.            Swivel Hips - Stand with feet hip distance apart and knees slightly bent. Put your hands on your hips and push your hips over to the right. Now swivel or rotate your hips in a counter-clockwise movement and inhale as you do this. You will be circling to the front of your body and breathing in. As you come around in a circle to the left side of your body, begin to exhale your breath until you are back to the start position (hips shifted to the right). Repeat this circular movement 2 more times - connecting your breath with the movement of your hips. After 3 rotations counterclockwise, stand with your hips pushed off to the left side. Inhale and rotate your hips in a clockwise manner - moving towards front of body. Exhale as you come around to the back and come to stand with hips to left side. Repeat 2 more times for total of 3 clockwise rotations of hips.

4.            Kidney Sweep - Put your hands on your back on your lower rib cage - over your kidneys. Exhale and bend forward as you slide your hands down the back of your legs to your ankles. Now inhale and slide your hands up the front of your legs and end with hands back on your kidneys. Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 kidney sweeps.

5.            Hara Sweep - Put hands in a V-shape over “hara” (pubic area/womb) with index fingers pointing downward and thumbs meeting horizontally. Sweep hands down the front of your legs while exhaling. Sweep along to toes and come up the sides of your legs while inhaling. End back in V-formation with hands over pubic area. Repeat this sweep 2 more times

6.            Heart Sweep - Put backs of hands together in front of heart. Move arms up and outward in an arc away from body. Inhale and say out loud or in your mind “breathing in the joy of life”. Continue to make a large circle sweep with your arms and as you reach out to your sides begin to exhale and complete arc of circle by ending up back in the center of your chest. As you exhale, say out loud or in your mind, “rejoicing with the letting go”.

I.                     Body Check-In - Take a full minute to “check-in” with how your body feels now. Start at your head and slowly ask each body part how it feels. Try and be descriptive and really feel each body parts individual experience and sensations. End check-in at feet.
II.                   Repeat steps 2 through 7 two more times for a total of 3 sets.