Thursday, July 28, 2016

Circle of Trust

The trust circle develops movement skills while building group trust and cooperation.

Organize the group into a tight circles (4-7 people in each circle) with everyone shoulder to shoulder, facing the center, holding their bodies absolutely upright. The group must the lean towards the center of the circle without bending at the waist, arching their backs, or lifting their heels off the ground. Next, the group must lean outwards, away from the center, in the same manner. Then repeat the sequence.

Then the group does the same thing towards the left and right, still without bending in the middle, without out lifting their heels.

Ask the group to describe a circle with their bodies, leaning into the center, to the left, outwards, and then to the right. Then the same thing the other way around: to the center, right, outwards, and to the left.

One volunteer goes into the center of the circle and closes his/her eyes. The volunteer spins around in a circle a few times, becoming disoriented. Then, remaining fully upright, she falls towards one side of the circle. The group catches her, pushing her to the other side of the circle, and so on. Each group member gets a chance in the center of the circle.