Friday, July 29, 2016

Vibration and Dance – Warm Up

This is advanced exercise and should be approached with caution.

This exercise will help to release the muscle tensions and unlock the possible energy blocks in the body. There is a special requirement to the music for this exercise: for the first part, it should be with rapid, but shallow rhythms, which will be suitable for mindful body shaking, the second part should be extremely hot and energetic.

Students approach this individual exercise in standing position, with eyes closed. As music starts, they should seek for slight coming vibration, which is originated from the feet and the floor, and is gradually ascending through the body spine, eventually passing through the shoulders to the top of the head. After you feel that the body is shaking in the stable enjoyable rhythm, start slightly and gradually increasing the movement amplitude, keeping the original pattern intact. Eventually, the shaking will be translated into one potent wave, which will be passing in a form of the energy flow through the entire body – from the feet to the top of the head.

After approximately 1 minute, the dancers should carefully open their eyes and convert the wave into the free-form dance.