Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jam Fest

Main Objectives:
·         Improve socialization and non-verbal communication in the group
·         Allow people to follow the guidance of the center performers
·         Give opportunity for individual self-expression to all group members.

Have individuals stand around in a circle. One by one, a person will go in the middle of the circle and perform a relatively simple series of movements, telling the emotional or physical story, while people around the circle, reflect to this mini-performance. The reflection should not be the mere imitation, more like the movement answer to the observed moves.

At the same time, the circle should not be broken, and the glances of all the people in the circle should intensely support the person in the middle.

The mini-presentation may be as long or as short as the performer feels like, but should not exceed 1 minute for small groups and 30 seconds for bigger groups. 

When that individual feels they are ready to move on, they will touch gently another person in the circle to come into the middle to present their movement story. If the person has already performed the dance (or does not want to take active part in this improvisation), he or she has to nod in rejection or make sign “no” with hands to let the former performer choose a next person in the circle.

Go all the way around the circle until everyone has a turn.

For bigger groups, you may instruct to create two concentric circles with maximum center exposure to all participants. In this case, the chosen people should be alternated with selection – 1 person from internal circle, and the next person from the external circle.