Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Name Zip

This is an efficient focusing and team-building activity. Organize the group into a circle. If the group members are not much familiar with each other, go around once again, and remind loudly each person name, or let people tell it clearly themselves.

Establish a beat by slapping one hand against your thigh, set the low volume music with bit. Have the group join in the rhythm following the slapping action themselves.

Group members place their other free hand up by their shoulders, with the index finger and thumb extended as if it were a gun. One person starts zip by pointing to an individual across the circle and saying his or her own name.

Without missing a beat, the person who is pointed to, points to another person and says his or her own name. Gradually pick up the pace of the rhythm. The group's instinct will be to say the name of the person pointed to, but the point is to maintain focus enough to escape that mechanized response and say one's own name without missing a beat.