Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Leader and Follower

This exercise helps to develop trust within group members. It might be considered as useful preliminary activity to help a team learn to depend on each other and to respect the fears and desires for safety of team members. This exercise helps us realize how much we depend on our sight and fosters the development of other senses.

The group breaks out into partners. One partner, a follower, is blindfolded or simply closes the eyes, and the other is the leader. The leader is told to dance his or her partner around the area, giving the partner sensory experiences that do not involve sight. Blind partners are asked to make mental notes of what they come in contact with and what is their sensory perception of the activities and moves, but their leaders may not speak to them at any time. The exercise might be done in complete silence, or with low volume music. Leaders are told to use caution, and care for their partners. No one should get hurt, but instead a relationship of trust should be established.

At the end, partners switch and those who started the game as leaders, are blindfolded and become followers.