Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mechanical Engineering

This exercise helps a group work together and become aware of each other as parts of a whole. It is also a good exercise for developing voice and movement.

Organize the group into a circle. One person goes into the center and performs a repetitive movement with a corresponding noise. It should be a movement that is easily sustainable for the duration of the game. One by one members of the group join the “machine” by attaching themselves to the machine and incorporating their own noise and movement. This is continued until everyone in the group becomes part of one machine, with separate movements, actions, and noises.

The facilitator can demonstrate for the group what happens to the whole machine if several parts of the machine are removed or obstructed in some way. What happens to the machine if it has to work faster or slower?

Similar exercise might be on the picture painting (all the participants add something to the virtual picture), creating the happy family (all the participants are members of the same family coming for the family picture), etc.