Thursday, October 6, 2016

Journey of Life

This activity can be offered with non-intrusive music or with no music at all.

This is individual exercise.

The instructions are simple:

* Imagine how you see yourself from birth all the way to where you are now. What was childhood like for you? How did you perceive yourself? When and where were these changes? What were the switching points of your life? These are some of the questions you want to think about.

* Starting at the birth line, without words, the participants are asked to physically show the development of his/her self from birth to where they are now.

* The journey representation should be completed before the participant reaches the imaginary finish line.

* All students line up against one of the walls, and start moving one by one through the space to the opposite wall. When one person completes the journey, the next person starts it.

* Important: All people who are not engaged in the individual act, should intensely support the player every moment and hold the space. The attention comes from those who yet to start, and from those who have completed.

* As soon as all students complete the assignment and line up on the far side of the room, the new instructions are given.

* One by one, all the students go back to the original point. Now, they are reversing their journey to the birth point. Coming back, they are “cleaning “the possible blocks, they experienced in their lives. They are not changing the past, they are trying to close the open issues. For example, if they were scared to death at some point, they might say to themselves, while passing this event “do not worry, you will be fine, I know”. Or, if fill sorry for something they did wrong, they ask for forgiveness.

* The exercise is completed when all the students get back to the original positions.