Thursday, September 15, 2016

Backs Dialogue


- Pairs stand back to back.
- The facilitator leads them through a dialogue with their backs, in which several feelings are included.


* Imagine your backs are speaking to each other about trivial, everyday life matters. You exchange ideas, make light jokes about things, share experiences, etc.
* Eventually, a mild discrepancy between you arises which increases gradually into a discussion.
* An intense conflict is revealed which turns into an angry argument.
* You both hold to your positions: It is a matter of principle and you are not willing to give up…!
* Finally, you realize that it was all a misunderstanding, a big mistake. You just didn’t understand or hear each other properly.
* Now everything is mended, you explain yourselves to one another, you make up. You’re just two loving, caring human beings…

- Members respond to the facilitator’s account of the dialogue only by moving their backs.

- Exercise performed in silence.