Thursday, September 15, 2016

Back Sensation

We are moving forward, we are looking forward, we are planning our activities with emotional forward intention. And sometimes, we forget about our back. People who were living in the cave, were more aware of the space and environment around them, waiting for the unexpected and foreseeing danger appearance from all sides. They felt a threats with all their senses, and scanned equally all directions for a life-threatening danger.

The exercise is intended to enhance our senses and space feeling at our back.

* All students are divided in pairs. Person A is staying at place with closed eyes.
* Person B “recharges” the palms for more efficient energy transfer.
* Person B is slowly approaching the person A from the back, getting closer and further gently and accurately, playing with the feeling of closeness and emotional acceptability of the personal space penetration.
* Person A directs all attention on the area behind the back, trying to feel the partner by noise, temperature, air movements, breathing, or energy streaming from the palms.
* Little by little, the person B comes at the bent arm length to the partner and starts moving the hands around the back of the partner, with no touch or barely touching with fingers/palms. Limit your exploration by the person’s back only (do not move lower than waistline), listen the body signals - both yours and the partner’s - and act accordingly.

* Length of exercise – about 2.5 minutes. Then, exchange your roles.