Friday, July 29, 2016

Leading the Tribe

The group facilitator asks all the students to line up in a single column, allowing an adequate space for the free movements between the people. As music starts, the first person in the line becomes a leader, and all others behind – the followers. The leader starts free-form dancing, expressing his emotional state and current mood, and the followers are thoroughly observing his moves and trying to reproduce them as closely as possible.

In 30 seconds, the group facilitator rings a bell, or makes a sound, signaling that the leader will have to move to the back of the line, and the next person in the column becomes the one, leading the dance exercise. The exercise is completed, when all the participants are going through the role of leader.

For the large groups, you can form several parallel lines, which will move in parallel.

Questions for discussion:
* What do you feel when you are a leader, and what do you feel when you are a follower?
* How do I feel when I am trying to mimic somebody else expression? How do I change, when I dance as somebody else?

* What is your preference – to be a leader or a follower?