Monday, October 10, 2016

Palm Writing

You know what the palm reading is, but now we will do more radical operation – palm writing. Not just checking for your destiny, but creating it.

* Students form couples and are divided in A and B.  

* Students A form a small circle in the middle of the room, turned back to the center, while the students B are against their partners.

* Students A imaging a substantial problem they are having now (physical, emotional health, family or work relations, financial hardship, etc.). The problem should have theoretical resolution – you cannot wish to become the president of the USA, or return your hair if you are bold. The problem should be real and you should really be anxious to resolve. Only one issue should be chosen, and no switch should be recommended in the process.

* Students A close their eyes and imagine that the problem is resolved. Several ground rules:
- Think on the issues as resolved or completed. For example, if you have back pain, do not imagine the pain, than as it goes away. No see your back as strong and healthy. Another example, if you want to improve relationship with your relative, do not imagine the process of consolidation, but only the result – as you sit in the kitchen and drink vodka together.
- Do not use negative terms. Wrong – I do not want to be depressed. Right – I want to be happy always, no matter what.
- Do not think hard and tense to imagine. Try to relax and visualize.

* Students B take the left hand of the partner and try to send energy. Note that the left hand receives energy and the right hand sends it out. Therefore, your right hand should be generally on the top. That may be touchless energy send, slight touch, or very careful massage. Try to send support, love, and energy to the person you are working with, through this contact. Tip: try not to use your own energy, but imagine that you are getting energy from above, while invisible beam goes through your crown chakra from above, through your heart chakra to your hands.

* After 1 minute, students B carefully lower the partner palm down and move right to the next person in the internal circle. Repeat the exercise with the new partner. Students A continue until all the students B complete the exercise.

* Students change places, and students B are now in the internal circle.