Friday, October 7, 2016

Dance to the Future

This is a couples’ exercise. Students are divided to the performer (A) and observer (B).

* With slow non-intrusive music, the performer starts dancing. The dance should express his/her life in the current moment, with all the aspects, goods and bads. Nothing should be invented, students just should try to relax and imaging who they can express their lives in a way of dance. Eyes are closed.

* At the same time, observer is serving the performer as guard (preventing from falling and bumping with other students) in gentle way.

* Switch roles and perform the same dance.

*Continuing with the same partner, switching back to the original performer. Now, the performer has to dance his/her life 1 year from now. How would you like to change your life? How would you like to change yourself? Imagine yourself in the new state, not the process of transition. Eyes are closed.

* The observer role is more complicated in this exercise. You need to serve not just a safety guard for the performer, but also as energy supporter. Dance as well to reflect your partner moves, do not mimic, but support. Send your energy and love boost as strong as you can, but still guard the performer from unsafe moves. Be gentle and caring.

* Switch roles and perform the same dance.

* (Optional) Take a minute for discussion, what have you observed in a partner, or in your self during this exercise.