Friday, July 29, 2016

Mirroring Excercise

All group members are divided in the pairs, and spread around the dance floor. In each pair, one of the students becomes a leader, and another one – a follower. Everybody is standing in relaxed matter in front of the partner, and attentively eye gazing each other, trying to exchange the emotional fluids.

The leader starts move slowly and graciously all the body parts: feet, legs, head, hands, and the torso. Do not break the eye contact through the entire exercise and try to feel your partner to the depths of the soul. Focus on your partner moves, and let your body go, where the leader is moving to. Try to minimize the mind control over your body moves to let your body follow mindlessly, mesmerized by the leader’s moves.

Switch after several minutes.

The more advanced version of this exercise includes creating two circles, when the leaders are inside, and the followers are outside. Leaders dance and stay at their space. The followers at the external circle are mirroring the movements of the leaders opposite to them. Every 30 seconds, the external circle moves right, so the leaders will get new followers, who will have to start mirroring their moves. After the external circle will come to the full round of completion, students inside and outside switch places and repeat the exercise.

Questions for discussion:
* What partner’s moves were especially noticeable for you as a follower?
* Do you feel difference in rapport with different partners?
* How easy was for you to relax and let it go?
* What did you feel when you were a leader and a follower?