Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Slow Motion Race

Divide all students in two teams, and select one person from each team as a judge.

Line up all students from both teams at one of the longer walls of the room and have both teams to “race” in parallel one-by-one to the other end in very slow motion. The judges do not participate in the game, but observe that the competitors’ team is following the rules. After the first person of the team gets to the opposite wall, the second person starts to move in the similar matter. Eventually, all the students will be going through this strange slow relay race.

The winning team is the one, where the last person to reach the finish line!

The rules are simple to explain but may not be simple to follow up. Once the race has begun, the students must never stop moving, while every movement should be executed as slowly as possible, and both feet must never be on the ground at the same time. No crawling.

The judges observe the other team movement and give verbal signals if they see violations.